StarShipped is a combat game  where two ships try to destroy each other by firing or by moving the opponent out of the screen. The first one getting 5 points wins!!

To move the ship you must position your mouse on screen and the ship will just move there. If you pick containers you'll be able to shoot.

Avoid asteroids and don't get out of the screen! The game screen will collapse little by little.

This game was done in a day with no much time, hence the bugs. It's obviously based on Alva Majo's Shipped, but applying the limitation of this jam.


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Very cool and insulting game! Haha I got 'You suck' too many times... Nice!

Nice game, but has is something to do with bakery? 🤔

Hey thanks! Obviously it does not have anything to do with bakery, the rules always claim that the theme is just inspirational. The limitation is what matters.